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Consent means to give permission.
It is both people’s responsibility to get consent from their partners. Everyone has the right to decide whether they want to have sex or not.  
Consent is…
·        Freely given — no pressure, no manipulation, and no asking if it was ok to do halfway through or after the fact.
·        Informed — telling them about any STDs they should know about, being honest about using condoms and birth control, and being honest about whether you’re sexually active with other people.
·        Something you can take back — it’s ok to stop or change your mind at any time. Saying “yes” once doesn’t mean saying “yes” forever, or “yes” to other sexual activities.
·        Enthusiastic — being excited about it, not just letting it happen.
When people think about consent, “no means no” often comes to mind. But saying “yes” is really important, too. A straight-up “yes!” means that no one has to guess or assume anything, and you’ll know they’re really into it. 



New Killer Star - David Bowie

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Masses of pro-democracy protesters continue to pack the streets in Hong Kong, defying police who have responded with tear gas. The demonstrators are angry that Beijing has insisted on vetting all candidates for the territory’s next chief executive.

Here’s a closer look at the issue and what’s at stake.
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Super Smash Bros. - 3DS - Gerudo Valley


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